God uses people other than preachers, Etan is able to move crowds with his words and his passion
Rev Al Sharpton
This Fatherhood book is beneficial for fathers, mentors and sons
Washington Times
Our kids here can be very hard to reach. Etan had them hanging on his every word.
Judge Richard Kirby
Oklahoma Juvenile Justice Center
Etan provides young people with a wonderful platform for their passions, poetry, and pursuits
Ariana Huffington
Founder Of The Huffington Post
Anytime we have called on the services of Etan Thomas, he has responded with passion and enthusiasm.
Michael Strautmanis
White House Office of Public Liaison
Thomas embraces the heroic legacies of outspoken athletes who used their professions as a springboard to raise social consciousness.
Michael Eric Dyson
Author, Motivational Speaker, Professor
Etan Thomas is one of the most intelligent and conscientious pro athletes I've ever met
Boyce Watkins
Author, Economist, Political Analyst,
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