Etan is very outspoken but in a good way. He has some very strong convictions and very good ideas.
Jim Boeheim
Head Coach Of Syracuse University Basketball Team
How Etan helped Grenada during hurricane Ivan will always be remembered. Yes he help financially, but his words lifted our spirits.
Keith Mitchell
Former Prime Minister of Grenada
Anytime we have called on the services of Etan Thomas, he has responded with passion and enthusiasm.
Michael Strautmanis
White House Office of Public Liaison
Etan Thomas is one of the most intelligent and conscientious pro athletes I've ever met
Boyce Watkins
Author, Economist, Political Analyst,
Balancing street cred with idealism- anger with acceptance- Thomas pulls it off with an aplomb
Washington Post
It's rare enough to have an athlete as outspoken and incisive as Etan Thomas. But what separates Etan is that he backs his words with deeds.
Dave Zirin
Author, Columnist, XM radio
Etan provides young people with a wonderful platform for their passions, poetry, and pursuits
Ariana Huffington
Founder Of The Huffington Post
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