Etan's passion and overall thirst for knowledge would have made my grandfather proud
Malcolm Shabazz
Grandson of Malcolm X
Etan Thomas not only has skills on the Basketball court but more importantly with words and ideas.
Spike Lee
Etan Thomas brings about a hope for a new generation of strong dads
Essence Magazine
Etan confronts our collective challenges and reminds us that life is not just a game, but demands a constant struggle for justice.
Amy Goodman
Democracy Now
Our kids here can be very hard to reach. Etan had them hanging on his every word.
Judge Richard Kirby
Oklahoma Juvenile Justice Center
Thomas embraces the heroic legacies of outspoken athletes who used their professions as a springboard to raise social consciousness.
Michael Eric Dyson
Author, Motivational Speaker, Professor
It's rare enough to have an athlete as outspoken and incisive as Etan Thomas. But what separates Etan is that he backs his words with deeds.
Dave Zirin
Author, Columnist, XM radio
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