Thomas embraces the heroic legacies of outspoken athletes who used their professions as a springboard to raise social consciousness.
Michael Eric Dyson
Author, Motivational Speaker, Professor
Etan intrigues me with his awareness of the current political landscape, as well as the global, economic, and social issues of today.
Billy Hunter
Executive of National Basketball Players' Association
This Fatherhood book is beneficial for fathers, mentors and sons
Washington Times
Etan Thomas brings about a hope for a new generation of strong dads
Essence Magazine
Etan confronts our collective challenges and reminds us that life is not just a game, but demands a constant struggle for justice.
Amy Goodman
Democracy Now
Etan Thomas stands high above the trivialities of the game. He does much more than play his position. He speaks and lives it.
Saul Williams
Just reading this Fatherhood Book will make you smile because of the simple pleasure that oozes from the pages
Style Magazine
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