He doesn't ask for recognition or praise he helps the Obama administration because he cares
Joshua Dubois
White House Executive Faith Based Partnerships Dept
Fathers Of any color would benefit from this Fatherhood Book
Washington Post
I would like to salute Etan Thomas for everything he has done and is currently doing. He is a warrior, doing mighty work.
Dr. Cornell West
Philosopher, Author, Critic, civil rights activist
Our kids here can be very hard to reach. Etan had them hanging on his every word.
Judge Richard Kirby
Oklahoma Juvenile Justice Center
Etan intrigues me with his awareness of the current political landscape, as well as the global, economic, and social issues of today.
Billy Hunter
Executive of National Basketball Players' Association
Etan is very outspoken but in a good way. He has some very strong convictions and very good ideas.
Jim Boeheim
Head Coach Of Syracuse University Basketball Team
Etan Thomas stands high above the trivialities of the game. He does much more than play his position. He speaks and lives it.
Saul Williams
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